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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Model-lite planning for the web-age masses..

It has been a whole while since I posted anything.. so here goes.

I recently wrote a little screed titled "Model-lite Planning for the web-age masses: The challenges of planning with Incomplete and Evolving Domain Models". The writeup is available at http://rakaposhi.eas.asu.edu/model-lite.pdf and the abstract is enclosed below.

If you manage to read it, I would love to hear any comments on the (in)sanity of the screed.


The automated planning community has traditionally focused on the efficient synthesis of plans given a complete domain theory. In the past several years, this line of work met with significant successes, and the future course of the community seems to be set on efficient planning with even richer models. While this line of research has its applications, there are also many domains and scenarios where the first bottleneck is getting the domain model at any level of completeness. In these scenarios, the modeling burden automatically renders the planning technology unusable. To counter this, I will motivate model-lite planning technology aimed at reducing the domain-modeling burden (possibly at the expense of reduced functionality), and outline the research challenges that need to be addressed to realize it.